LowBugget Drag Bug with hard lines
25 foot rolls aluminum fuel line    

More than what you will need to run a solid fuel line for street, strip, off road use!!!
Bends easy, simple to work with and 1/4 the price and weight of running
a whole stainless steel braded line the same distance!
- .035'' wall, seamless aircraft tubing is easily formed into the exact shape you need.
- Designed for use in applications at less than 25 PSI.
Made in U.S.A.

3/8" 25' foot rolls $29.99 each
1/2" 25' foot rolls $34.99 each
5/8" 25' foot rolls $39.99 each

LowBugget Drag Bug fuel filter
LowBugget Drag Bug gas tank
Aluminum fuel line