USA Made
Alternator Clamp
$10 ea.
Some times called Turbo clamps.
The use of these clamps over the standard hose clamp is night and day!
The best part about a "T"-Clamp is it will not cut or pinch the boot your clamping on to. They are 100%
Made In The USA.  from thick polished Staniless Steel. The use of a 7/16" wrinch or socket, not a screw driver to adjust them!!!
All sizes instock.
Please order by the size of the boot your going to use the clamp on.
1 5/8" T-Clamp             $5.75 ea.
1 3/4" T-Clamp            
$6 ea.
2" T-Clamp                   
$6.25 ea
2 1/4" T-Clamp            
2 1/2" T-Clamp            
3" T-Clamp                  
4" T-Clamp                  

T-Clamp Kit for most turbo set ups.
4x 1 5/8", 4x 2 1/4"
$45 saves $5.00
(no mix and match)