On the road with a stock 1600cc motor in a stock 69 bug with the 1600T kit.
It is strange driving a turbo powered car. I am so use to reving a motor to get the most power out of each gear.
Its not like driving my drag car. You dont need to stair at the tack or whait for your shift-light.
Instead of flooring the gas pedal and slamming the gear as hard and as fast as you can without lifting your right foot,
you just lift, shift and role into the gas..But watch out power can sneak up on you so suddenly.
The motor has so much torque and thats what moves the car like a light weaght drag bug.
You can take off from a light with ease yet not know how fast you are going unless you stare at the speedometer.
If you race somewone from a light he might get you acros the intersection but you
will strip the paint off of his/her car after that!!!  .