LBC turbo cams and Billet lifters! is proud to introduce their line of performance turbo cams and Billet lifters.
LBC (LowBugget.Com) is know for their complete line of turbo kits and cylinder
heads but after extensive testing on the dyno, track and in their daily drivers they
are now available to the public. Most of the LBC line of turbo cams are designed for use
with either 1.1 or for best performance add some 1.25 ratio rockers.
The new LBC5.0 and 5.2 use 1.4,1.5 or 1.6  ratio rockers.
Each cam comes pre-clearanced for use with or without stroker crank combos.
Each LBC lifter is parkerized coated.
All cam kits come with our Billet lifters, that are 4grams lighter than std lifters and pre-parkerized
If you need help picking A cam, just give us a call at the shop.
First off is the LBC1 cam and Billet lifter combo.
Designed for street use or when throttle response is a must, this cam works real nice in small off-
road and/or daily driver combos.
Nice Turbo cam for real daily drivers! Off idle and strong power up to 5,000 rpms.

On the dyno: 2007cc with our LBC1 cam at 12lbs boost on pump gas. 161hp at a low
5000rpms and 185tq at a real low 2800rpms!

The LBC2 is perfect for med street daily driver motor or Hot small street motor that wants
more low end mid range power .
Is #1 pick for sand rail off road cars that want a broad power band with low end torque. Power
up to 6,000rpms. Real good in Baja street/off road combo with large tires.
This cam was also used in the engine build on the show Overhaulin.

On the Dyno: 2165cc with 7.2:1 40x35mm LBC2 cam T3 350 carb 138hp @ 4,500rpm's
and 168tq @a low 3,000rpms. with only
5lbs boost with one of our 2000TS  Bus kits. Low
grade Pump gas torque beast!

2387cc with LBC2, TP675 carb, 22lbs boost on pump gas made 282hp and 293tq at the
wheels with our
water meth inj kit.

LBC2.5 NEW!!! You asked for it so we made it happen! The New LBC 2.5 cam!!!
Great low end like the LBC2 with the extra RPM like the LBC3 but a softer smoother cam
ramp for high millage long distance beast! Great for the sand and off road larger displacement
combs that still need to turn some rpms!

The LBC3 is for that big comb that wants to terrorize the streets. The perfect cam for small
combos that want big power but still idles fair. Use with 1.25 rockers. Real nice for large
combos that you still want to drive or cruise in!

We used this cam and lifter combo in our high mile daily driver (over 43,000). That motor
made 198hp and 236tq on pump gas in MI at the wheels on the 10th year Gene Berg
cruise from CA to MI and back! Power to 6,200 rpms on most combos. And yes we did
drive the car back from MI (over 4,500 miles round trip)

We also use this cam in A.J.Sims turbo 2387cc fastback. Low end torque for the heavy
car. Pulls hard from 1800rpms to 6000rpms with the extra stroke! 100% still a daily
driver but can play at the track if need be!

LBC3.5 We needed a cam that would be able to drive on the street but make the power of
the LBC 4. and 4.5 cams. Best cam for large motor combos (2276 and up street/beast) Nice
lumpy idle and will pull to 7,000 fast!! Over .520" lift with 1.25 rockers. (easy on the springs!)
Not a daily driver but good for weekend beast. 90% track 10% driver!

The LBC4
For track use! The worlds best drag race cam. (we think so!)
OK idle,(likes 1100 to1500rpm's) Main RPM power range from 3,000 to over 7,000rpm's .
530" lift with 1.25 rockers. Can be used with 1.4 rockers but must run at least 180lbs on the
I use this cam in my 1915cc Super Comp 10.90 turbo car. Runs 10.50's at over 130mph in
the 1/4 mile on 14lbs boost with a TB73 turbo, TP500 carb and some RPM's! A.J.Sims

Our Turbo 2110cc daily driver made 269hp and 232tq " at the wheels on 14lbs boost" in
Las Vegas dyno day and drove all the way home. This combo has our 1600T kit with our
500cfm carb, GT33 turbo, LBC4 cam and lifters, 42x37 pocket port heads, Thats just
over 300hp and 260tq at the fly wheel!
One more thing...we drove the car back!!!!! "O we said that

ProOnly line
for all out high boost (25lbs +) combos that want over 400hp at
higher RPM use only.
Not for street combos or off road at all!

The LBC4.5 PRO
For over 350hp use at a higher RPM (3,500 to 7,500) over .535" lift with 1.25 rockers. Can
be used with 1.4 rockers but must run at least 180lbs on the seat.

I used this same cam in my old 86x94 Super Comp 10.90 car. I leave the line at 6,300
rpms and shift at 7,500. 20lbs boost (small turbo!!) Runs 10.90's all day long!!!
 Check it out!

LBC4.7 PRO(4.5 on the intake and LBC3 on the exhaust)
This is the new track tested beast cam. More RPM up to 7,800 rpms.
Works best with 1.25  rockers. (not a street cam). Good on large exhaust turbo combos.

The LBC5.0 and 5.2 can be used with 1.4, 1.5 or 1.6 ratio rocker cam combos.

The winners choice when it comes to real HP numbers. Main RPM power range 4,000 to
8,000. Over .580" lift with 1.5

If you have a large combo (2180cc or larger) and want to have the cam to run a 9sec pass then
this is the cam for you. Not for street car use, Not for lower than 25lbs of boost use, Not for
Main RPM power range from 4,500 to 8,500. Over .620" lift with 1.5 rockers

USA Made LBC Billet lifters are perfectly match and are guaranteed not to pit, flake or
cause your LBC cam to go flat for one full year.

Each LBC lifter is parkerized coated.
Parkerizing (also called phosphating and phosphatizing) is a method of protecting a steel surface
from corrosion and increasing its resistance to wear through the application of an
electrochemical phosphate conversion coating. This coating helps to guarantee there is no
flaking or pitting during brake-in.

Each LBC Billet lifter is rock-well tested for correct hardness and heat treat.
"That is worth saying one more time"
Each LBC Billet lifter is rock-well tested for correct hardness and heat treat.
(not one lifter in a batch of 1,000 like some others.)

The LBC Lifters.
What's unique about LowBugget's Billet lifters is they have 20% more sidewall contact surface
than all other performance lifters, yet still retains the same over all stock vw length. This added
sidewall helps support the lifter at high lift and extreme rpm use when sliding and moving in and
out of the lifter bore.

Each LBC cam and Billet lifter cambo is

LBC Billet Lifters only
$129.99 a set.

All LBC cams and lifters our
Made in the USA.
For Tech help or more info about our complete line of valve train
components give us a Call:714-639-4284
Or visit
Please do not call us asking what the
cam duration is or what cam we
suggest made from a different