Turbo Prepped Carbs
350cfm all the way up to 1100cfm beast!!
Street daily drivers, weekend sand toys to all out race use!!
If it has a turbo and needs to make power
it needs one of our carbs!
"TP" or Turbo Prep carbs. Street drivers, sand toys or drag beast.
We take new  carbs and set them up for all out power making turbo use.
But the best part is if you want the best carb to drive on you cant beat OUR "TP" Holley's!
Smooth power and easy adjustments!

Each carb comes with "Turbo Adjust-A-Jet."
With this neat main block you no longer have to change main jets.
No more opening of the float bowl and spilling all that fuel.
Just turn the main screw that is located on the top of your carb to make your combo run more rich or lean!
Its that easy to adjust the size of your main jet!
You will not carry jets any more

What about the idle jets?
Holley's do not have any! Well they do but there not jets,
just turn a screw to make the combo run more rich or lean @  idle.
They also control the off-idle adjustments so any more adjustments will only need a screwdriver.
Still no jets unlike the old Solex, Weber, Dellorto users!

Made to make power!
The other good thing when using one of our carbs is they are made to make power!
Take our turbo prep 350. This small looking carb will fool you!
Has the best throttle response for small low air speed combos like 1600cc, 1776 etc but just drives like a dream on
larger 2100cc combos. The TP350 can support well over 225hp.

A 7psi Gift!
How about 7lbs of fuel pressure? Not 3psi like a Solex, Dellorto or Weber.
No more Boosted fuel pressure regulator that changes each day!
They just drives you out of your mind! You make the changes only to do it all over again the next day.
More psi = more volume.
Our carbs can take what a Holley RED pump can dish out! Large needle and seats that will hold all that fuel psi but
still flow big amounts of fuel for turbo power!
The largest needle and seat size for a Weber is only a 300 at max of 3psi.
Our carbs come with much larger needle valve and they work at over twice the pressure.
A whopping  7psi at the needle valve. Now thats a lot of fuel available to your combo.

Set the float from out side the carb?
You can even set the float with out unbolting the cover or top.
Just turn the float adjustment and look at the side site whole.
Thats it! No more removing the top to check and set the float.

Whats the big difference from our carbs and all others? We have BPV
Sounds like a male enhancement drug! Well it is for your carb.
We take each carb and set it up with our
Boost Power Valve.
The BPV will add the extra fuel to your motor combo only when it is above 2lbs of boost. Yes now you don't have to
set the main jet so rich for boost that it wants to dump fuel and kill your spark plugs when off boost.
Thats why our carbs drive so nice on the street yet make all the power you need!
We our the only shop that sets up carbs with the
So if your carb drives like crap, we did not set it up!

We pre set each carb for you so it will start out of the box!
But if you want the best then check out our Fuel Injection
Click Here.

One of our short test trips!
In 2006 shop owner and carb guy A.J.Sims in his Dads 1970Blue Dream went on a trip.
California to Michigan and back  in a turbo air cooled VW bug with a 2054cc combo and one of the TP500 carbs.
He got a out standing
25.48mpg avg.
The best part was wile In MI he had the car placed on a chassie dyno and made at the wheels
198hp and 236tq at low rpms,
and on cheep diesel truck stop pump gas!
Would you like to go for a ride in this car with this combo?
Smooth driving and real power!

Our other test car
1966 VW FastBack with 2387cc engine with our TP670
Made 283hp and 293tq at the wheels on 91oct pump gas
car runs mid 11s in the 1/4 mile.

TP350 2 Barrel
Preset LowBugget TP350 Turbo Prep carb (1500cc to 2100cc) Up to 225hp use.
With our
BPV and "Turbo Adjust-A-Jet"    $549.99 (carb only)

Or make the TP350 a complete bolt on kit:
1x 2 3/8" or 3" hand made tig welded aluminum intake manifold
1x 2 3/8" or 3" manifold to turbo boot.
2x USA Made stainless steel turbo "T" clamps,
1x 6" round high flow  washable air cleaner with polished top.
1x AN Dash 6 inlet.
1x Pre-adjusted and set up to work out of the box TP350 carb.
Complete kit for use with 2 3/8" turbo inlet  $699.99
Complete kit for use  with 3" turbo inlet $699.99

TP500 2 Barrel  
Preset LowBugget 500cfm Turbo Prep carb (1900cc to 3000cc and larger) up to 300hp use
With our BPV and
 "Turbo Adjust-A-Jet"    $599.99

Or make the TP500 a complete bolt on kit:
1x  With our 2 3/8" hand made aluminum intake manifold or 3"
1x 2 3/8"manifold to your size turbo boot. (2", 2 1/2", 3")
2x USA Made stainless steel turbo "T" clamps,
1x 6" round high flow  washable air cleaner with polished top.
1x AN Dash 6 or 8 inlet.
1x Pre-adjusted and set up to work out of the box from us!!!
Complete TP500 carb kit for use with 2 3/8" manifold $749.99
Complete TP500 carb kit for use with 3" manifold $749.99

Take a up close look at our carbs!!!!

4-Barrel set up's!
All the same features as our 2 barrel combos just now larger!
Only Lowbugget.com gives you these Features:
Bright shiny carb finish is standard.
All carbs weigh
only 7lbs, built super light!
Quick change
adjustable vacuum secondary's (we pre-setup for your combo)
675cfm (good for
350hp), 775cfm (good for up to 450hp use) or 875cfm (good for over 450hp use)
No jets,
"Turbo-Adjust-A-Jet" metering is installed, just turn a screw to adjust! (Lowbugget.com Exclusive)
True boosted power valve that will only add extra fuel when needed!
No-jet to change idle/mixture adjustment screws.
Clear sight plugs for easy setting of the float level.
Non stick gaskets.
AN dash -6 or -8 fuel inlets.
6"x3" Washable Gauze air filter for easy cleaning. (we have Outerwear pre-filters also if needed for off road use.)
Nice clean looking
chrome aircleaner top.
All Turbo-prep carbs are hand built in house.
4-Barrel carbs only

TP675 carb only $679.99                        TP775 carb only $689.99                   TP875 carb only  $699.99

4 Barrel Carb kits includes:
1x Hand made aluminum manifold with 3" inlet and beautiful clean welds.
Has support brace welded to under side.
Thick 3/8" CNC cut carb flange.
Weighs only 1.75lbs
1x Silicone boot any size.
Just give us your turbo's inlet size (2", 2 1/2", 3" or 4")
2x USA made "T-Clamps" from Clamp-CO.
Stainless steel 3/4" wide.
1x 4 barrel carb thick base gasket
2x ANProfittings.com AN dash -6 or -8 aluminum fuel inlet fittings.
Complete with hardware.

TP675 carb kit $879.99                        TP775 carb kit $889.99                   TP875 carb kit  $899.99

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